Grow Up, Otaku: Why Fanservice Has Got to Go.

Fellow otaku, my friends, I rarely step from behind the curtains of AniTAY and step on the stage, but I feel I must address a topic, I must shine the spotlight of truth on a stain upon our great mutual love that is anime. We must discuss the shame that is fanservice.


Look, we need to address something right here and now: boobs are not funny. They’re just not. They’re simply evolutionary solutions for the nursing of our young. Still, too many anime for far too long have used mammary humor as a crutch, leaning on it hard enough to break the damn thing. It’s time to rise above this, my friends.

Boob comparison jokes, “accidental” skirt flips showing off panties, the old chestnut of “main character walks in on girl in bathroom” A HAHAHA HA IT’S AN ACCIDENT BUT SHE’S GONNA HIT HIM ANYWAY ISN’T THAT HILARIOUS LOOK BOOBS. It has to stop. And WE have to stop it.


It’s up to us, brothers of sisters, to stop this played out, crass and demeaning element of our beloved hobby. We need to vote with our wallets, with our tweets and tell the studios “We’re here, we’re queer, we don’t want anymore bears”. Wait, no. We need to tell them “STOP WITH THE BOOBS ALREADY.” Say NO to boob jokes! Say NO to “Guy trips and lands in a girls boobs/lap”! Say NO to the patriarchy!


Thank you for your time.

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